40 years of the Brussels trammuseum (update)

40 vehicles in operation

Брюссель, 22 мая 2022 г., воскресенье

The Brussels Tram Museum celebrates its 40th anniversary: the normal operation of the regular tram lines 39 and 44 will be replaced by a high frequency operation by historical trams on these routes. The new Alstom Flexity tram will be on display in Woluwe.
A former original steam engine from Brussels (Tramways de l'Est de Bruxelles n° 8) that is preserved by the North Yorkshire Moorse Railway (U.K., will also operate on route 8 (near the Woluwe museum) between the stops "Voot" and "Woluwe Shoppingcenter". This is the last surviving locomotive and a unique opportunity to see this locomotive in Brussels.
Route 31: trams from the museum with pantograph between Montgomery and Stockel.
Route 40: trams from the museum with trolley between Montgomery and Tervuren.
Route 160: modern trams from the M.I.V.B./S.T.I.B. (7700/7900/3000) between the stop "Voot" (route 8, near the museum) and Ban Eik.
160 is the number of the former railway line that is now used by tram 39 between Stockel and Ban Eik.
(Route BE): some shuttles between Merode and Montgomery with museum trams.
(Route 30): museumbuses between Montgomery and Ban Eik via Roodebeek / Trammuseum / Tervuren Station.

The use of the museum vehicles is free of charge, but this is not the case for the route 160, which is operated by the M.I.V.B./S.T.I.B. !

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